Best instant messenger apps of 2018

Nowadays, instant messaging is in vogue; the possibility of communicating with people from all around the world in seconds is very attractive to all smartphones’ users. At Picmycase, we want to help you find the messenger apps suit you the most, so here are the best instant messaging apps of 2018.

Here, the best messenger apps!


Available for both IOS and Android.

We know what you might be thinking: you already know this app, but other than its massive popularity worldwide, there are amazing qualities that make this app part of this Picmycase list.



There is very little that Whatsapp can’t do!

This messenger app allows you to make single and group chats and voice/video calls, share multi-media information, such as photos, videos, documents, gifs, contacts and even your location.

In this completely free app, you also have the opportunity to share your information as in a social media platform updating your status, which will only be seen by the contacts you allow.



Available for both IOS and Android

This lately-emerging app is taking over the download charts, and it is slowly going over Whatsapp.

With their modest quantity of millions of users, Telegram has been qualified as the fastest messenger apps in the market.

You can send unlimited-sized files of any kind and open super-groups of over 100.000 people from all over the planet and chat with all of them at the same time!

This app also supports stickers, which can be downloaded and used as emojis in your daily conversation. And of course, it is also free!


The possibilities this app provides are plenty:

Facebook Messenger

Available for both IOS and Android

Picmycase has gotten this Facebook instant messaging app into the list because it offers you the possibility to chat with literally anyone.

Let’s face it: who does not have a Facebook account up to this date?

But apart from this, there are plenty of qualities that make this free app deserve our third spot: the possibility of making group chats and voice calls, sending high quality photos and editing them in real life in a very snapchat-ish way…

Google Allo

Available for both IOS and Android

This much underrated free messenger app provides features as the other apps do, the allowance to chat rapidly with people from all over the world, voice and video calls, and sending of media.


But what actually takes Google Allo out of the rest is that it works with the aid of an Artificial Intelligence powered assistant that helps you messaging with quick suggestions based on your behavior in the app.

It also provides with pertinent information such as restaurants nearby, the weather reports and more!


Messenger Kids

Available for both IOS and Android

There is also fun for the little ones!

You can find this app for free in your app market. It’s a children-friendly messenger app designed for those who are under 13 but also want to chat with their friends.

It allows parents to relax and avoid worries of who are their children talking with; parents can even control the list of contacts they are allowed to talk with so they are assured to be completely safe on the internet.

For children is a fun age-customized messaging apps, which allows them to change the color of the app, their profile picture, host a video chat and other fun features?

We hope this list help you decide the best messenger app. And if you are also looking for new phone case, check what Picmycase has in store!