Best photo editor apps to discover!

In order to get a good photo, there is not enough to pose and say cheese! Thanks to technology, now you can use photo editor apps in your phone and get the perfect picture in seconds. Edit color, contrast, brightness and even style. Picmycase has these app recommendations for you!

These are the best photo editor apps


Prisma is a very good pic editing app especially for those who want to give a paint look to their pictures. Available for Android and iOS, this wonderful app recreates artistic styles in your photos.

It comes with filters that will give your photo an artistic look; many of them are free from charge. Plus, this app has its own social media where you can share your pictures with other users.

You can create a picture, share it on your social media and also print it in your case at Picmycase.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is very popular among the photo apps. This photo editor is a simplified version for the phone that compiles great features. It proposes a great selection of filters that can help you adjust red eyes, color temperature and other common mistakes.

You can also use the marks; edit pictures and make them look artistic, or simply decorate them as you like with all the options Photoshop Express has for you.


It is a free app. The only requirement is to create an Adobe ID with your email, Facebook or Gmail account. This way, you can access to the tools this app has to offer.

Besides, you can use the Adobe Creative Cloud, where you can upload your pictures and open them when you log in using any other devise.


Among famous photo editor apps, it’s Snapseed. First, it was only available for IPad but later Google made it free for Android.

In this app, you can use edit your pictures in a very simple way. The interface is easy to use.


It helps you personalize your photos by adjusting their features. You won’t find stickers here and the filters are always sensible to change, as you can learn how to edit with a tool bar easy to use.

It lets you save the pictures in great resolution, of course depending on the capacity of your smartphone or tablet.


Are you a film fan? This app is for you!

For those who want to give a film look to their pictures, Picmycase suggest you to try VSCO Cam. This app allows you to make washed out tones, the classical black and white, and pics with some color saturation.

You can edit and adjust your picture easily: pick a filter, and then adjust the photo according to your needs using the suggestions that the app offers you.

At VSCO Cam you can regulate fade effects and play with highlights and shadows as you wish.

Take into account that this app won’t let you save your photo in storage, but it offers you the option of email it to yourself or share it on Facebook, or even into the VSCO social media which is pretty much like Instagram.

Available for both Android and iOS.

We hope these ideas help you get the best photo editor apps for your Smartphone. Visit Picmycase for more advices on phone case, and smartphone apps.