Phone case trends for this awesome autumn!

Fall season is here and you need your smartphone to match the beautiful colors that nature has this time of the year. Find out which are the phone case trends that Picmycase has for you.  

Fall months have just arrived. This season is characterized by the autumn leaves on the streets, the golden color of the light, maybe rainy days with hot chocolate and a bit of nostalgia too.

So, Picmycase wants to match this time with fall phone case trends.

“The autumn leaves, right on my window”…

Yes, we know is kind of cliché to wear autumn’s leaves during this season, but we never get tired of those designs that use tree leaves in a palate composed by red, orange and brown colors.

Plus, there are cases that add some glitter to the drawing, or a phrase that goes with the decoration too. Golden, rose gold and wine graphics are trendy.

You can get the fall season look in your case using this kind of motives that are very popular during these months.

Autumn means renovation!

As nature does, during the autumn season trees release all their leaves waiting for the winter and then, they renew themselves in spring.

Good news: you are not a tree! So you don’t have to wait until spring to renew your phone case. Go to our website and find the design you want on your case or create your own.

Outfits for girls? Don’t worry, here are phone case trends

Fashion girls wear outfits for the season, so it’s logical to have a new phone case trends as well.

Celebrities show off their fall style on social media, phone brands their phone accessories of the season; Picmycase joins them by listing the best cases of the season for you!

Another good thing about autumn is Halloween!

You may know that Halloween festivity is celebrated in autumn. If you are fan of this day, you can have a spooky phone case with awesome motives on it.

We have a great variety from the famous pumpkins to vampires, phantoms, spiders and more! Send an image to print or order your unique design at Picmycase.

Vintage air

Autumn is a good season to go for a romantic and vintage phone case trends.

We are sure you are familiar with this trend. Get that nostalgic look on your phone case by buying a design in cream colors. Those neutral but still classic tones that will make you look in tune with the landscape around you.

If these options are not for you, remember that at Picmycase, you are the boss! You can create with us a unique design only for you to have. Find the picture you wish on your phone case and we can print it there for you!

For more information on mobile case trends, you are welcome at our gallery to find more suggestions, discounts and everything related to smartphones and phone accessories.