Picmycase also paints your art in exclusive phone cases!

As a brand in constant evolution, we are now open to partner with innovators, the creative people who give life a special touch. Our main goal is to provide exclusive phone cases to our clients, thus if you are an artist or a designer, we want to work with you! Go to Picmycase and share your art with us!


Stylish collections

You may know by now that Picmycase is a site that sells phone cases in a great variety of designs. We count with a select group of professionals that help us offer exclusive collections to our clients.

Everyone can find its perfect phone case with us because, apart from the collections we elaborate, we propose our clients to create their own phone case by printing a picture of their choice through a sublimation process.


This way, you ensure having a case that is unique and also you will be involved on its creation, which is very simple: use the design tool we have in our website to adjust your picture to your phone characteristics, we print it on a case and it’s done.

We are the only ones who offer you the chance to create your own case!

The options are endless. You can print a special photo, a landscape, a monogram, a cool phrase or your own art work.

Take your art to Picmycase

We want to contribute in the promotion of artists and designers and give you the opportunity to incorporate a new painting or design of your own to our collections.

But first, which designs are we looking for?

We want to see your art proposals. It could be interesting to see contemporary art, modern art, or maybe abstract art in a phone case. Why not? That’s why this partnership offer is especially dedicated to artists who want to expose their art on a phone case.

On the other hand, designers can profit this opportunity to show their abilities as well and be part of our team.

All designs will be included in a collection and they could be purchased online.


Will you receive a payment for your designs?

Absolutely! This opportunity can help you gain some extra cash while you expose your art with us and get recognition through Picmycase. We will showcase the designs in our platform and social media and you will receive an economic compensation for every sell.


You can even track your money flows from our marketplace!


Art and phone accessories

It is proved that accessories are important to protect the phone from bumps and scratches, but they are also items that show the user’s personality and style.

Art printed on a phone case will be successful due to the fact that nowadays people love to have unique and personalize accessories; besides, exclusivity and originality are always good attributes to see in a product. We want to offer attractive designs that are not seen anywhere else.

Visit our gallery, and subscribe yourself to the site, follow the instructions, and bring your art to our phones!