This is the new line of phone cases for men

In the world of phone cases, there is space for all types of targets. That is why Picmycase decided to pay special attention to the masculine public, a portion of our clients that is also looking for style, uniqueness and quality in a phone case. So we now have an exclusive collection for men!

In order to cover all types of public needs, Picmycase decided to be the first phone case brand in opening a space dedicated to men in the market of phone accessories.

Here, we are going to show you the assets this site proposes with its line full of original cases for men.

Tough phone cases, a better case

The first characteristic we consider in a case for men is its resistance.  

For all those men who practice extreme sports such as skateboarding, mountain bike and others, but they still want to have their phones next to them all the time, we can offer you a tough case that can protect your phone from bumps and scratches.



These cases are made of a polycarbonate outer shell that makes them indestructible. A great quality for sure!

Adventurous Men

Besides, this one is specially dedicated for the Californian gentlemen who practice water sports like surf, windsurf or scuba diving and want to take their phones to the action with them, a waterproof phone cases are a wonderful option that will protect your phone while you enjoy those adventures.

What about colors and designs?

Picmycase has plenty options to satisfy a wide range of needs.

We know that the man of today is versatile on its choices. We have traditional cases, for those who prefer a conservative design that may suit them in a professional environment. You can find here a classic case, a monochromatic one with a beautiful finishing or a modern design pattern.

On the other hand, other men can prefer a more audacious case, so we have unique designs at their disposal.

Customized artistic phone cases for elegant men!

But, for those men who want to go a step further and are fans of technologic advances and originality, let me tell you that we are the only site who offers you the opportunity to customize your own artist abstract case by using our own design tool online with the better pieces of art by Allan Banford and Anibal Gomez Casseres!

This tool allows you to upload a picture of your choice, adapt it to your device, choose the type of case you want to buy, and then we will print it for you.


Print anything you want: video games, comics and more, all for younger men!

With the option to customize your own case, the possibilities are endless for you.

Taking into account a place like California, for example, where there are multiple sports franchises that include the NBA, NFL, MLB, and many others, you can print a case with the logo of your favorite team and support it everywhere!

Maybe you happen to be a gamer and you play games like the worldwide known Call of duty; you can print your case with this game motives and it will be unique for sure.

Those who are nostalgic of the games they played as kids like Zelda or Mario; you can create a case inspired on your favorite video games of all time. Besides, if you are a comic book or movie fan, you can print a quote of your favorite superhero or movie character and let the force be on your case!

Go to Picmycase store to see more ideas or to create your own case with us!